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In this guide, author Samuel explores how the Bible can help you live a more fulfilling life and help you achieve your destiny. His premise is that, as with the life of Jesus, every person’s life is arranged like a book; there will be chapters in the life of every individual. When you seek to connect the chapters of your life to those of Jesus’s life, you can master anything.

By moving closer to the Lord and applying the lessons provided in this guidebook, you can

• accomplish your life’s mission in
a timely manner;
• handle challenges in each phase of
your pursuit;
• harness the power of the Holy Spirit
in everyday life; and
• remain one of God’s chosen in this life and in the next.

While every person’s destiny is different and the challenges we face vary, every single one of us is living a life that mirrors that of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we seek to follow His example and take His teachings to heart, we can master the Chapters of Destiny.

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