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Spiders for Kids: Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers

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Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Spiders - For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with spiders. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series.

The series is known as one of the most beautiful on tablets. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color tablets.
Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about these wonderful spiders. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of spiders: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about spiders

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Spiders
2. 10 Facts About Spiders
3. Spider Eggs
4. Spider Anatomy
5. Spider Habitat
6. Spider Silk
7. Spider Webs - For Catching Prey
8. Spider Senses
9. Spider Bites
10. Types Of Spiders
11. Spider Identification
12. Black Widow Spiders
13. Crab Spider
14. Baby Spiders
15. Brown Recluse Spiders
16. Funnel Spider
17. Tarantula Spiders
18. Jumping Spiders
19. Worlds Most Poisonous

10 Facts About Spiders
Are you one of the people who are afraid of spiders? Well, spiders frighten many people but on the other hand they have some interesting facts that you need to know.
1. Spiders are not insects; they have 8 legs while insects have 6. They belong to a group called arachnid. Ticks, scorpions and mites belong to this group also.
2. Spider silk is very strong and flexible. Some varieties are even 5 times stronger than steel of the same size.
3. Some are as huge as a dinner plate. The Goliath Bird-eater Tarantula from South America is 10-11 inches wide.
4. A species called raft spider can walk on water.
5. Cobwebs you find in the house are abandoned spider webs.
6. Spiders have up to 8 eyes which are used to distinguish between some species.
7. Some spiders can live up to 30 years though many die after a year or two.
8. Spiders don't have ears and use hairs on their legs to sense sound.
9. Some spit on their prey to catch them.
10. Spiders can jump almost 50 times more than their length.

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