Rendezvous, Place Saint-Michel (Paris Shorts)
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3,317 story words.

Love and a photoshoot at the Metro entrance. Light, touching, family short story.

Paris is special anytime. But especially at night.

Light, touching, romantic, and humorous.


Arturo takes three of his grandchildren out one evening in Paris for pictures: Zilker age 9, Tabitha age 11, and Cherise age 16. A fluid shifting POV shows each child and Grandpa experiencing family in Paris.

Zilker happens to take a picture at a subway entrance at Place Saint-Michel that captures a young couple kissing in the veiled darkness. Wanting to compose the same type of image again, framed with a more interesting background, Cherise is enlisted to help "re-create" the image.

Each person from the family on the outing finds meaning in this small night adventure in set Paris. At Place Saint-Michel.


Also available in "Paris Shorts Vol 1."

Each story in the collection, "Paris Shorts," is enjoyable as a stand alone work of fiction.

Additionally, each has the advantage of featuring one or more of the characters in the story line of all my novels and short stories written since 2012.

The time frames for these stories vary, and will be notated for each individual piece.

"Rendezvous at Place Saint-Michel" is set within the second "Slumming in Paris" novel.

Short stories like this, I believe, do not require reading the novel first, or any other of my fiction work.

Yet, the stories will either enhance the reading of the fiction the characters participate in, and in this case, especially "Slumming in Paris, Part Two, The Children" ; or, if one has already read the related novel, will give extra meaning and nuance to the short story.

A current kept-up-to-date chronology of the time sequence of all the short stories and novels is available on my site on my page, My Fiction Storylines.

My wife Sheila and I spent 5 1/2 weeks in Paris late 2012, which has formed the setting basis for the "Slumming in Paris" novels, and theses short stories. My series "Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks" presents many of my photos taken then, which I hope you will also enjoy.

Published: Felipe Adan Lerma on
ISBN: 9781311441157
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