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A Durable Fire

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Scotland 1314. The English army is gathering to crush the Scottish quest for freedom. With his country’s future balanced on a knife’s edge, Robert the Bruce amasses his ragged but determined army, prepared to gamble all for a free Scotland. Colliding in this tumultuous time are Marguerite and Fitzbruce. She, the widow of a Scottish nobleman, is fleeing for her life; he is half-brother to Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, a man shaped by conflict. Both are scarred from their pasts, but neither can deny their strong attraction to the other. As Midsummer approaches and the Battle of Bannockburn looms, they struggle to build a life together. Their obstacles are many: Fitzbruce is grievously wounded; Marguerite is abducted. Their lives are caught in the maelstrom of the coming war, from which there is no escape. Fitzbruce is a commander in his brother’s small army; he knows it will take great courage and even greater faith to face down the English horde. And afterwards – what kind of life will be left for them? Do they have the strength to endure and survive such desperate times? Will their love burn fierce enough to light their way through the darkness?

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