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Nursing Resume: A Job Guide for nurses is a complete eBook package to help nurses find a job. This eBook is short and to the point, and the entire package includes 10 premium resume templates (see inside book for a preview), 10 premium cover letter templates (they match the resume templates), a few basic traditional resume templates, and a sample resignation (or two weeks’ notice) template.

All templates are in .docx format and are best edited in the Microsoft Word software. If you do not have Microsoft Word, you can usually download a free trial. Google Docs may also work; however, formatting errors may occur if you use other programs other than Microsoft Word.

Why Do You Need a Custom Resume Template?

Your resume is the very first step in getting a job. When you begin searching for a job, you’ll ultimately be uploading or submitting resumes to various employers. If you turn in a poorly constructed resume—it could get tossed in the trash. You want a resume that will stand out and grab the hiring manager’s attention. That’s why I contracted a graphic designer to create 10 professionally designed resumes—all with nursing/healthcare themes.

These resumes include all of the major sections. All you have to do is fill in your own information. They are completely customizable, and you can edit the text, add sections, or change them any way you want.

You also get the 10 beautifully designed cover letters that match the resumes. You also receive a resignation template—for occasions when you need to leave your current job for a better opportunity.

One resume template alone would be worth the price, and many websites or designers sell individual resumes for very high prices. However, you’re going to receive all 10 professionally designed resume templates, along with cover letters, a resignation template, and this short eBook guide.

About the eBook

This eBook guide was designed to give you the information you need to strategically find a job. You’ll get information on compiling your resume, tips on how and where to submit your resume, tips when sitting for an interview, tips on leaving your old job, and tips on advancing your career. If you're looking to switch jobs, or if you've just graduated from nursing school--then you need this guide to help you get your job search underway.

This is not just an eBook—this is a job tune-up. The eBook guide is short and to the point, and focuses on the information you need to start finding a job immediately.

The author, S.L. Page, shares her insights into getting a job. She combines her personal experiences along with the advice of nurse managers she’s spoken with through the years.

What This eBook Package Includes:

-10 beautifully designed resume templates
-10 matching cover letter templates
-A resignation/two weeks’ notice template
-The eBook guide to help you find a job.
-Resumes & Templates must be downloaded separately (download instructions are included in the eBook).

Template Requirements

Templates are in .docx format. It is best to use Microsoft Word to edit them. Google Docs, a free alternative, may work okay—but some minor formatting errors may occur. For absolute best results, we recommend using Microsoft Word to edit the templates.

Template Licensing Terms

The templates may be used an unlimited number of times for your own personal use. You may not resell, redistribute, or give away for free any of the templates included with this package.

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Nursing Resume: A Job Guide for Nurses

Published by S.L. Page

Copyright 2013 by S.L. Page

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This eBook is a production.

Copyright Information

This eBook is copyright © 2013 by S. L. Page. All rights reserved. National and international copyright laws protect this eBook and all related content. No part of this eBook may be reproduced, rewritten, resold, redistributed,  retransmitted, emailed, published online, stored in a database or retrieval system, or distributed in any other means (via digital or physical means) unless expressed written permission is given by the author.

Contributing editor: Benjamin Page

Legal Disclaimer

While the author and publisher has made every effort to ensure this eBook only contains factual and helpful information at the time it was written, the worlds of nursing and education are rapidly changing, and the rules and regulations in each state are constantly changing. Therefore, this eBook should not be viewed as a final legal authority on policies, procedures, laws, nursing practice, or other content mentioned within. No warranty is offered (expressed or implied) to suggest this information will be safe, accurate, or viable in all situations (or areas) in the future. Furthermore, while the author firmly believes that the techniques and advice offered in this eBook will dramatically help nursing students or nurses increase their odds of career success (or obtaining a job), the information within this eBook should not be construed as a claim, warranty, guarantee, or representation of success in obtaining a job after graduation (or any other topics included in this eBook). By reading or accessing this eBook, you agree not to hold the author or publisher liable for any damages or consequences that may arise from the use or misuse of the information given within.

Introduction: From the Author

Thank you very much for your purchase of this eBook. I truly hope this guide will help you succeed in all of your career endeavors.

My name is Sarah, and I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) in 2009. I officially became a licensed RN when I passed the NCLEX-RN exam shortly after graduation.

Like many nursing students, I was always worried about finding a job after graduation. At that time, the recession was just getting underway, and the government had not yet implemented the Affordable Care Act (also called Obamacare).

Nevertheless, I was very blessed because I was able to get a job straight out of nursing school. Times have changed a bit since then. While nursing is still expected to be one of the fastest growing professions through the year 2020 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), there is a little more competition on the job front.

In addition, while the effects of the new healthcare law have not been fully realized, many hospitals have been cutting staff. Many students I speak with on my website,, have voiced concerns about finding a job after graduation. Moreover, some nurses who are considering leaving their current positions in hopes of a higher wage are also worried about finding a job.

Due to the increased job competition, I decided to write this short eBook guide and include a set of professionally designed resume and cover letter templates to help nurses succeed. This eBook is short and to the point, and it gives the necessary information you need to ensure you’re ready to start finding a new job (or your first job).

I’ve taken all of my own experience in applying for jobs and combined that with some of the wisdom of nurse managers I’ve spoken with through the years. The result is a simple and easy-to-read eBook that can help you prepare for your job search journey ahead.

The goal with this package is simple: To help you on your journey of finding a job. This package will help you create a resume/cover letter, tell you where to submit them, and teach you how to conduct yourself in an interview. In other words, I’ve designed this package to be a career tune-up.

A graphic designer beautifully designed the premium resume templates, and they include a combination of elegant fonts, colors, and images. These templates were specifically designed with nurses and healthcare professionals in mind. Here are samples of the premium cover letter and resume templates you’ll receive:

Note: You can edit the information in the templates above once you download them. You can change RN to LPN, or you can change the wording in the templates to say whatever you want it to say. You can also edit font sizes, text areas, etc.

In addition, if you are still in nursing school (or know a student interested in nursing school), I wrote an eBook titled: How to Pass Nursing School. You can find it on my website ( or on popular eBook retailers online.

I sincerely hope this package will help you in your career endeavors, and I wish you the very best of luck in your nursing career.


S.L. Page, BSN, RN

Table of Contents

Copyright and Disclaimer

Introduction: From the Author

Chapter 1: About This Book

Chapter 2: Creating a Resume

Chapter 3: Letters of Recommendation or Reference

Chapter 4: Nursing Portfolios

Chapter 5: Getting a Job

Chapter 6: Leaving Your Current Job

Chapter 7: Getting a Job Interview

Chapter 8: Succeeding at Your New Job

Chapter 9: Advancing in Your Career


Resume Templates and Other Resources

Chapter 1: About This Book

As I said in the introduction, I’ve written this eBook guide in a way so that you can quickly get all of the important details and resources you need when looking for a job. This is exactly what you can expect