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Occupy Wrestling

142 pages1 hour


If professional wrestling is fake, then why are Mitch McLeod’s most painful nightmares so real? It’s because being KDW World Heavyweight Champion means he must take on all challengers, even those of the monster, demon, and undead variety. Every suplex and body slam Mitch performs will be countered with fireballs, poison, and barbaric force from these otherworldly opponents. Even his girlfriend Debra Winter is vulnerable to these hellacious assaults as is helpless referee Rosie Rogers. Having a hateful boss is one thing. Having a vindictive sicko like Keegan Day breathing down their necks is much worse, especially since he’s the one pulling these monsters’ puppet strings. Mitch, Debra, and Rosie can file as many police reports as they want and quit the company for greener pastures, but Keegan Day and his minions won’t relent until the trio’s spilled blood and shattered bones are decorating the city streets. Was Mitch McLeod right when he crossed the boss or did he simply cross the point of no return? This action-packed novel won’t leave anybody unscathed whether it’s win, lose, or draw.

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