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Look Up To Get Up

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Look Up To Get Up is an inspirational autobiography, the true-life story of Rohit Naidu. The memoir follows the struggles of the 29-year-old Fijian-Canadian man through overcoming exceptional odds to achieving his boyhood dream. His story is filled with real encounters of childhood abuse and abandonment, family violence, racial attacks and several murder attempts. These experiences have become the motivating factors behind the continuing growth of his success.

In a unique twist, also examine the many self-help tips that have aided numerous others to overcome their own personal trials and tribulations. Rohit Naidu shares his knowledge on topics that have helped many while at the same time achieving award-winning success in his own career as a real estate trainer, motivational speaker, and self-help author. He refused to quit and never let the negative experiences of his past prevent him from creating positive future ones.

Aiming to break the failure cycle of those who grew up in broken homes and struggle to achieve their own greatness, Rohit always remembers words he was once told earlier in life. We all do fall; it is inevitable. But when you fall, fall on your back because if you can look up, you can get up.

Motivational speaker, self-help author and real estate trainer, Rohit Naidu works with seasoned and rookie real estate professionals to ignite their sales careers. His company is called ignite real estate training, Inc. and his passion for seeing other entrepreneurs overcome their fears and strive towards success gives his life purpose. Rohit is a firm believer in helping others recognize that by taking a baby step every day, anyone can achieve his or her dreams one day.

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