The “People Power” Health Superbook Book 1. Medical Basics; Taking Care of Yourself, The Medical Industry Is a Mix of Good, Greed & Fraud by Tony Kelbrat - Read Online
The “People Power” Health Superbook Book 1. Medical Basics; Taking Care of Yourself, The Medical Industry Is a Mix of Good, Greed & Fraud
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People have an inherent sense of goodness and dignity within themselves. If they rise to this potential, they become powerful, vital and healthy. Living by evil will not get you there because it creates inner disharmony on some level.
Former Doctor, now a lover of people and life

What is Well-Being? Obviously it means different things to different people. A conventional definition is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. To me, well-being is to touch euphoria several times a day in all its intensity and beauty. I've identified five constants that I think are pretty universal:

1.) To have your material needs met to the point of basic comfort but not frivolity and extreme excess because that's a sin against nature, to take more than you need and squander it while others are starving somewhere yet this is the ideology of capitalist succcess and the American Dream we're brought up to believe in and strive for.

Get all you can for yourself to live in a big mansion on the hill and buy all the stuff money can buy to show off to others how much of a winner you are while you screw the peasants at the bottom of the hill by either exploiting their labor or rubbing your material excess in their faces.

Of all the creatures in the Universe, the human is the only one with the greed and ambition to take more than it needs. Native people used to say a prayer to the spirit of every animal they killed, thanking it for sustaining their lives.

I believe that of all the people who live in material excess in this world, most know deep down that they are violating a Universal Law of Life in the Universe and regardless of whether they admit it to themselves or not on a conscious level, they know they're living out of harmony with the God-Force that created them. This causes the opposite of well-being, a sense of emptiness because you're living out of balance with Nature.

2.) The need for self-love, emotional and intimate connections with others as individuals and a sense of belonging in the community. I think human nature is very funny because on the one hand, we all want to get deep love and give it back but on the other hand, we are our greatest enemies in preventing this from happening for what I believe to be two reasons:
heads thinking about ourselves. We rarely empathize (get into the other person's head to feel what they're feeling) and I think we just don't have the guts to open up to give off enough soppy, intimate love to attract that kind of love back even though we think we really want those deep, intimate connections.
b.) Most of us live reactive lives reacting to what we feel in the moment right now so that means dealing with feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety because the world is structured that way.

You're always thwarted from what you really want by the structure of the greater society which leaves a lot of people feeling slightly on edge so they do the most convenient thing to them, dump some of this angst on the people least likely to fight back, your loved ones in the form of relatives and friends. I've had close intimates around me doing this all our lives. By now, I accept it as a normal part of the human condition.

In the Bible, they say love your wife as much as you love yourself, implying self-love is the greatest love by nature. It's the basis of survival, self-preservation and species growth, to protect one's self therefore one's genetic seed.

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