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Bird Basics

Length: 172 pages52 minutes


Learn to draw beautiful, magnificent birds using pencil and watercolor. The book contains 28 chapters, 132 beautiful drawings and photographs on the Bald eagle, Raven, Sparrow, Warbler, Jackdaw, Common Starling, Cormorant, Red Crossbill, Black Bellied Duck, Green Woodpecker and Macaw Parrot. You will learn how to draw, beaks, feathers, heads, bodies and wings. Feathers can be difficult to draw however you will learn how to draw and shade feather patterns, individual feathers, and complex feathers in easy step by step exercises. And not only will you learn how to draw birds but you will learn how to draw using proven drawing methods like freehand, gesture drawing, line drawing, values, foreshortening, measure, how to use a grid and check your drawing. In the end you will learn how to train your eye to see the micro, render fine detail and solve difficult visual problems. Once you master these methods you will be able to draw anything.

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