I Don't Believe In Tithing

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I Don't Believe In Tithing

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There are three groups of people with regard to tithing:
Believers who practise tithing legalistically, by giving exactly 10% of their income to God, believing that He will curse them if they don't do it and will bless them only if they do.
Believers who see tithing as an Old Testament thing that should not be practised by New Testament believers and attack those who practise it. These are those who protest, "I don't believe in tithing".
Believers who give 10% or more of what they have to God out of love and are willing to give 100% to Him if He directs them to. This category doesn't always adhere to the legalistic tithing of 10% but with a positive spirit they give more if they have to - they relate to the practice of tithing in a spirit of love.

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