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DEAR CATHY The World's Longest Letter Written by Bruce Anders * Edited by Tom Swicegood

Dear Cathy, an unintentional masterpiece originally three-thousand pages in length and years in the writing, has all the fun and good-humor of Guinness’ World’s Longest Letter. But would you read an American sailor's uncensored mail? Of course you would!

This brilliantly edited version of Bruce Anders’ hand-written letter reads like a peek into the "best parts" of a young man's personal diary. It is sexy and shocking – a candid series of increasingly dark and randy adventures on three continents.

Patriotic Bruce candidly bares his soul about girlfriends, sailors, sex, drugs, and military action in the United States Navy, bitching and telling jokes all the way from boot camp in Orlando, to Iceland, to the volatile Middle-East. Then, when Bruce least expects it, the worst thing ever to happen to a man changes his life forever.

Bruce, who once had hundreds of friends in the Navy, discovers that not all shipmates and senior officers can be trusted as he takes his reader with him on a strange and increasingly exciting ride. Almost twenty years later, he comes up from horrendous episodes of homoerotic persecution, adding valuable and explosive true details to this presentation of Dear Cathy, the World’s Longest Letter!

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