Path to Nirvana
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Rahul Sharma—who was born in India but moved with his family to the United States when he was only a year old—has always tried to walk the straight and narrow. But when he crosses paths with unruly Tom Spencer, his life is turned upside down. The two form an unlikely friendship that follows them through high school, college, and into their careers. While Rahul strives to succeed in everything he does, Tom falls into drugs, alcohol, and a devastating gambling addiction. As Rahul builds a life for himself with his new wife, Julie, Tom stumbles into a massive gambling debt with crime lords and international terrorists operating out of Las Vegas.

Tom’s dealings rope the unwitting Rahul into the fray, and soon the two find themselves involved in a deadly car chase. Following the crash that ends the chase, Rahul wakes, confused about why everyone seems to want to call him Tom. Slowly, he pieces together he has been reincarnated into Tom’s body.

He is now faced with the difficult task of convincing everyone in his life he is in fact Rahul. Most resistant of all is his wife, Julie. As much as she loved her husband, her deep hatred of Tom won’t allow her to care for the man now wearing his face. Even worse, Rahul’s second chance at life comes with more lethal side effects—because even Tom’s many enemies believe he is Tom.

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