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Breeding Bethany

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Middle aged millionaire, Carl was about to add another young woman to his breeding stable. Nineteen year old Bethany was the babysitter's friend and she was really keen for his seed. He didn't rush into this arrangement, there was a lot to consider but the time was getting near for him to be ready to start breeding Bethany.


Instead of taking her into the lounge, Bethany was surprised to find Leanne leading her straight upstairs. She pulled her into the master bedroom and closed the door behind them. “Carl said I could have you first,” she said softly. “Is that okay?”

Not giving the confused girl any chance to answer, she pulled her into her own warm body again and pressed her lips to hers. Leanne was wearing nothing more than a silk kimono and a skimpy pair of panties. Moving apart from the girl, she pulled on the cord to release it and let her robe hang open. “You said you’d never had sex with another woman when we asked you?” Bethany just nodded silently. Leanne continued. “Well I’ve had sex with lots of different women: Older, younger, tall, short, slimmer, fatter, big tits, small tits, tight and loose.” She took the younger woman’s hand in her own and guided it inside her kimono and on to her nipple. “I’m going to add you to my score sheet now, gorgeous little Bethany and when you’ve satisfied me; and only then, I’ll give you to my hunky husband to enjoy.”

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