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Great Are the Words of Isaiah

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The Savior himself has said, Great are the words of Isaiah.

Such high praise has not been recorded for any other book of scripture or group of prophetic writings, yet many find Isaiah to be somewhat intimidating or difficult to understand, despite its importance.

From his years of study and research, Monte S. Nyman has compiled a helpful LDS-based commentary that leads the reader through Isaiah section by section and topic by topic using verse-by-verse commentary drawn from the LDS Standard Works, the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible, and the words of many prophets and apostles.

Six detailed appendices give easy cross-references to materials quoted or paraphrased in other scriptures and expressions by church leaders concerning Isaiah, including,

The Authorship of Isaiah
Ancient and Modern Commentary on Isaiah
Isaiah in the Book of Mormon
Isaiah in the Doctrine and Covenants
Isaiah in the New Testament
The Prophet Joseph Smith and Isaiah

A comprehensive and valuable resource for the average student and the serious scholar, this book will help you understand and enjoy the book of Isaiah as a truly outstanding book of scripture.

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