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Harry and Sara: A Sequel to Harry

Length: 232 pages3 hours


Harry Harrigan, tough Australian financial investigator, has been brought in from the cold after two hazardous years travelling the world and solving embezzlements and frauds in some of the world's biggest companies, working for the giant American company, Balfour G. His boss, George Balfour, has big plans for him but Harry's immediate task on returning to Brisbane, in Australia, is to find and marry his long-time love, Sara Grayson. She's been trapped in a bad marriage with a difficult and devious husband who frustrates all her attempts to obtain a divorce, even though he left the marriage after a few days and has returned only to frustrate Sara's case for divorce. Harry devises a slightly illegal scheme to overcome Sara's problems and, by the time he is able to return home, Sara is free. They are married in Sara's hometown, Elmsford, a small cattle town in Central Queensland, not far from Harry's hometown, Monaldo where they met and fell in love. Harry resigns from Balfour G in order to take over his family company Pattersons Industries and they settle down to domestic bliss.This is shattered when Sara is seriously injured in a riding accident and is ill for two years. She recovers and returns to management of her growing family. Sara is beautiful, bright and energetic and unwittingly begins to take control of the family and, eventually of Harry, intruding on business decisions despite his huge experience. Harry had seen this happening but was so happy to have his Sara back he declined to check her. Eventually Sara goes too far and Harry decides he can lo longer live with her, although he still loves her. He leaves Sara and resists all attempts by family and friends to reunite them. They had been down this path before when Sara broke off their engagement and Harry now fears they are in the same sad position. He begins to think of divorce, but Sara has a plan to win him back....

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