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River of Red Gold, Updated 2013 Edition: A History Novel

Length: 1,082 pages17 hours


Based on historical events and real people in the California's gold country (1844-1853). The aftermath of the Donner Party and the devastation of the Gold Rush as seen through the eyes of "Indian Mary," vaquero Pedro Valdez, and 14-year-old Elitha Donner - people of 3 different cultures entwined in a drama of power and paradise lost. The book is long but fast-paced. The writing has been compared with Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove), Wm Jennings (Aztec), A.L. Waldo (Sacajawea), Stephen King (evocation of horror). and James Michener, for telling the story of California from a single locale, as Michener did with Centennial.

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