To the Church of Christ.
Who is God and what evidence is there that what he says is real and true?
What are the promises of God?
Has God delivered on his promises?
If The God of the Bible is the one and only true god is there a logical way to see and know the things he claims is true?
In this Book Thunder Vision I would like to make the case that the book of revelation gives us the ability to see the evidence on all these questions.
In the post modern world we live we are bombarded with questions about God and our faith in god that are hard to answer. We hear Questions like these almost every day. People are looking for the truth, some belief the bible at face value and some look for more concrete evidence. In the end we all have to look at the evidence in the Creation and more importantly his revealed will in his law and through his Son Jesus Christ.
Because of my belief and faith in God as an Evangelical Christian and student of the Bible, faith has been essential for understanding his Promises. On the other hand I want to show you there are Logical numerical patterns encoded in the Chapters and verses of the book of revelation that will enhance your faith which in turn authenticates the words of God by using simple math. Addition, division, subtraction. This plays on our intellect and in turn helps us to understand what he is saying. This pattern of numbers or seals in the book of revelation lets us see God and his promises to us in the rest of the bible clearer than ever before. The Bible was written to us by God through many people through the ages, as we look back into history at His promises in the light of the seven seals, this helps us understand him more. The seals coincide with the seven days of creation in genesis and we see this pattern throughout the bible as a whole. So when God references ideas and promises in Prophesies in the seven seal structure we can always get a better sense what he is talking about. My hope is that we will learn to love him more through Johns teaching in the book of Revelation.
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