A book for people who have been put-off or confused by theatrical commercial Christianity. A hugely engaging historical and contextual introduction to the Gospels and the person of Jesus for those who have not read the bible. A surprising look at the actual man, the times and the culture of the era, keeping it light and pleasurable reading rather than a chore for beginners. An honest point of view is presented as discovery rather than authority. Hugely entertaining and not moralizing. Includes the historical, as well as a personal discovery account. A book for the rest of us which does not use Christianized language. This information has long been hidden in cryptic language bibles, not fun for beginners. This is fun and easy to read. The information is consistent with Christianity. Narrator opinions are labeled as separate from historical or cultural information with qualifiers such as “I think” or “likely”. The reader will relish making up their own mind about this bold historical character rather than simply being out of the loop.
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