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The Dwellings Debacle

Length: 231 pages2 hours


In the fourth book of the Illmoor Chronicles, a peculiar assortment of investigators must solve a mystery: Who kidnapped the viscount of Dullitch?
Viscount Curfew, the ruler of Dullitch, has gone missing. In the middle of the night, with his entire palace guard inexplicably asleep, the viscount disappeared from his bedroom—a skillful kidnapping that will require help from the sharpest minds in Dullitch if the city is ever to see its leader again.
Enoch Dwellings is as wily as he is arrogant. One of the capital city’s best detectives, he is called upon to root out the perpetrators. But Jareth Obegarde, a half-vampire and rival sleuth, refuses to let the case go without a fight. Grappling for an advantage, Dwellings turns to Jimmy Quickstint, a gravedigger and former thief; Parsnip Daily, a professional tracker with a short-term memory problem; and even Lusa Mardris, Jareth’s newly discovered daughter. Pursuit of the kidnappers leads Enoch and his crew on a wild journey into battle with everyone from a deadly shape-shifter to a master swordsman, all of whom demand one price in exchange for Viscount Curfew: blood.

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