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The Yowler Foul-Up

Length: 255 pages2 hours


In the second book of the Illmoor Chronicles, a motley crew of Dullitch residents must defend their city against an evil, shadowy group intent on awakening a long-dormant god
Yowler was the god of stone, capable of turning people into rocks with little more than a glance. He has been gone for years, but one dangerous, centuries-old brotherhood in Dullitch plans to change that. The Yowlers—a dark and terrible cult—will see Dullitch turned to stone if it is the last thing they do. The only ones who could thwart the Yowlers’ deadly plans are a ragged band of Illmoor natives, as peculiar as they are unlikely heroes.
There is Jimmy Quickstint, a one-time thief who helped save the town in The Ratastrophe Catastrophe; Duke Modeset, the maligned and bumbling former leader of Dullitch; and Jareth Obegarde, a mysterious and quick-witted half-vampire (on his mother’s side). Together, it will be up to them to stem the latest plague of evil rising in Dullitch, lest their city be laid to final, devastating ruin.

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