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It has been two years since Jonathan Champion found himself trapped in this strange and dangerous world that irreparably marked him, and things have changed. For starters, he does not remember his name or any of the people whom he had met in the last two years. He does remember that he hates the green skinned Moks and that many of his people are being forced into meth addiction to power the rawstones. One thing at a time. First the Moks, then the rawstones.

Tyrell and Grach have spent the last two years fighting against the encroaching forces of the Mok Empress. During a lull in the fighting, the two companions are approached by High Mage Gazell with the startling revelation that their friend Jonathan Champion was alive and was somewhere in the Lost Isles. With the Air Mage Fenn, they set off to try to find their lost friend.

Meanwhile, the mysterious dark scaled creatures have resurfaced. Once again reunited with their Mok Allies, they move towards the Lost Isles to confront Champion at the request of the Mok Empress. But whose side are these dark creatures really on?
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ISBN: 9781490725659
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