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DIVINE JUSTICETwo kids from a prominent family, John and Ted, rape a Mexican babysitter who works for one of them. Michael who is John’s brother tries to stop them to no avail. The rapists threaten to have her deported if she presses charges, but she does it anyway. The head of the family, John’s father sends his lawyer to fix her with money. She refuses. Next day they receive a visit from a man who claims he’s an advisor to the President of Mexico and informs them that the girl is the daughter of a powerful union leader who is planning a terrible revenge and suggests the only way to avoid it is to kill him first.The lawyer is sent to México to verify the data provided by the visitor and when he finds the information is accurate he goes to Vegas to look for a hitman. Over there he meets the son of a mafia boss who sends him to Chicago to meet his father. The mafia boss has a hitman who happens to be vacationing in Cuba and the lawyer is sent there to fetch him. The hitman goes to México City to estimate the risk involved but he exaggerates it in order to charge more. The mafia refuses the job.The kids hear about the refusal and Michael tells them the only way out is to do the work themselves. Michael is a crack shot and offers to do the job with their help. The kids purchase a sniper rifle and …….
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ISBN: 9781483517469
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