Flying Hawk, Slave Boy, 9,500 BC
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The slave boy Flying Hawk encounters one adventure after another on a long journey with another slave. Time after time it seems death would take him, but he always wins his fight for survival. The survival of his people rests on him. Love enters his life at an early age. The wild beasts of his era only think of him as a good meal. As the story continues through 9,500 years, one of Flying Hawks descendants appears with lots of questions. Flying Hawk meets an ancient tribe called the Old People. You must meet them also. These Old People are an earlier race of people who inhabited the Americas before the Asiatic tribes from Russia and Mongolia crossed the land bridge to populate the continent. The Asiatic races fought with these early cave peoples. I have found little bits and pieces of information which are as elusive as these early people. We know that there were early civilizations all over the world; ancient cities are occasionally revealed when the wind carries away mountains of sand. We must not overlook the importance of early woman; her role was not of subjugation but holding the family together. These hunter-gatherers followed the wild herds for their sustenance, and they believed in a great spirit.

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