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Life and Soul

Length: 365 pages4 hours


In his mind-body-spirit autobiography John Hendry trawls his seventy years and comes up with significant experiences that trigger insights and reflections. Alongside these are wondrous illustrations illuminating his travels in Libya under Gaddafi and India, epigrams that are occasionally Wildean – ‘A cynic is someone who sees through everything and therefore sees nothing.’ – hilarious adventures in radio and TV, haiku poetry, artwork – ‘For people like me who can’t draw’ - and memorable street scenes born of his rejection of ‘the infernal combustion engine’ in favour of life as a militant pedestrian. But this read is anything but pedestrian.
The poet, T.F.Griffin, a reader of John’s Newsletters, writes: ‘Gently provocative, often amusing, always informative, the Newsletters permit us to glimpse both the life of the man and the man’s inner life. Juxtaposing personal observations with favourite quotes from the wise and witty, he invites us on a not too strenuous quest to find out what it is to be human’.

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