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In a small Mexican village deep down in the Southwest corner of Mexico, there was the finest jumping bean community in all the land. Farmer Blue had the most lush, fertile farm in the area. He was very proud of the fact that the famous jumping bean community lived on his farm. He created a special area called the Oasis where they were safe from harm and could flourish to their heart's content. Some people marveled at his jumping beans, others mocked him. "These are famous jumping beans", Farmer Blue would say. "They are circus jumpers and always have a home hereThe Oasis was the center of the village. All community gatherings happen here. All the beans came together here before they make their own way each day. In the center of the Oasis was a beautiful turquoise waterfall with a lagoon and a river that flows through the farmland. Farmer Blue maintained the oasis for the beans for 60 years, so they could live there peacefully.
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