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In this medical mystery thriller, Doctor Carson Hyll falls asleep and drives into a river and experiences one of the worst nightmares of his life.

The young intern is knocked unconscious and has a negative near death experience so real, so frightening that he thinks he died and went to hell. When others in the highly-religious small town of Ocean Village have similar negative near death experiences and wake up with burnt skin, they believe they went to hell and that God has abandoned them.

Matters get worse when a local Satanic cult emerges to promote their beliefs and win over the town residents.

Will the heroine, Chantress, be able to stop cult leader Kyle Mabus or will he succeed in destroying all known religions in the world?

Bestselling author and psychic Sylvia Browne writes in her book, Prophecy, that, "...our beliefs are the driving force behind our behavior, our opinions, our actions. Without faith, without our beliefs, we're lost."

What readers said about Absence of Faith:

"If Tim LeHaye and Michael Crichton had ever gotten together to write a book, it would probably end up being something like Anthony Policastro's Absence of Faith. It's part medical mystery and part religious thriller all rolled up in a plot of Christianity, Unexplained Phenomenon, New Age Beliefs, and Satanic Occults. It's a white-knuckle read that would probably drive a Baptist preacher to an early death, and probably have Stephen King saying, 'Now why didn't I think of that?'"

"Satanism vs. an absence of faith. A fascinating concept. An entertaining book. And some truly haunting scenes to stay with you when the story's done."

"Absence of Faith is a chilling story of good versus evil, as friends become enemies and citizens grow more terrified by events beyond their control.

There's a lot to admire about this book. Author Anthony Samuel Policastro's well-paced plot steadily builds the suspense until it's impossible to stop reading during the last one hundred pages.

The story also addresses some uncomfortable questions such as what does a Christian do when he's convinced God has abandoned him? And what happens when a doctor's faith in science is up against religious fervor."
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