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The Manly Art of Seduction: How to Meet, Speak to, and Become Intimate with Anyone

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The Manly Art of Seduction, How to Meet, Talk to, and Become Intimate with Anyone, is about a radical change in behavior. If you are held back by feelings of inadequacy, feel inhibited socially or sexually, are tired of being alone, or, bluntly, are simply lonely and unsatisfied, you need this book, geared toward gay men, but anyone can use it: straight women, straight or bi men—anyone. Some basic principles: Men are territorial and feel good when their sense of territory is respected. Territory can be psychological, or physical. In settings such as a bar or party, they tend to find a territory and keep to it. Sometimes it's marked by being close to others—friends or acquaintances. Sometimes it's simply putting down a drink. When you are secure enough to respect their territory by approaching them, you're a step closer to the Manly Art. And you will become secure by following it—learning to know yourself and interact with other guys, and by understanding that what we feel is rejection is often men guarding their territory and being too insecure to leave it.

Another principle is that men hunger for "valor," often confused with bravery. Valor, coming from an old French word "to rule," is based on valuing yourself; it provides the groundwork making bravery possible. The valiant person rules himself because he knows his own value. With valor, you can approach men without fear, because you've already established your value. You will learn to use exercises not simply establishing your value to you, but letting you see how valor works with other men.

Also important is learning to "read" men: their body language and intentions. Brass goes into "unbidden" gifts: signals men give one another, sometimes unconsciously, to show their feelings and how much they want these feelings to be known. In stressful situations (a noisy party; meeting on the street) these gifts rise to the surface, if we can see them. He shows you how to initiate them and how easy it is to extend yourself with them. In other words, you can learn to be kind and sensitive to other men, without feeling your intentions will be misread.

Seduction is not a game, but an art form for making romantic/sexual connections satisfying. It means not being a "doormat," or victim, but in control of yourself, your fears of rejection (and we all have these), in pursuit of other men. It also means learning the boundaries of seduction, but using these to your own good. This is a practical guide, including chapters on race and class differences in seduction; and weight, disability, and erectile dysfunction—even penis size—in seduction, among other challenges. In the end what results is the real humanity this book instills. The Manly Art of Seduction is not putting something over on other men, but simply lowering the barriers to love.

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