Five Days of Eternity

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Five Days of Eternity

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 356 pages4 hours


An excellent work . . . weaves an enthralling thriller within a humanistic fabric . . . a roller coaster ride with numerous twists and turns . . . a clever well-paced story with vivid description and eloquent styling. The invention that could save mankind from deadly viruses such as AIDS could also destroy the soul and lives of its creator and beneficiaries. The symbolic snake/dragon unraveled from biting its own tail is a search for fundamental aspirations of the human spirit . . . highly recommended.

Power, greed, murder, good versus evil, love, suspense . . . it has it all . . .a thought-provoking look at mankind’s future as scientific research progresses towards a cure for many diseases and conditions. Reminded me of Robin Cook or Dean Koontz’s books; an all round page turner with a fascinating peak into biochemistry and microbiology that was both straight up and riveting. It had the edge of your seat thing of Five Years After and the swift relentless pace of Restrictions but with romance, fun, mystery and intrigue. An absolutely phenomenal read and begs for a sequel.

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