Walking Through Spider Webs ...and many other things I love to hate
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Typically we are told how and why to feel happy; Walking Through Spider Webs is the opposite of typcial. Adam explains why there are an equal amount of reasons to be miserable. The author holds no punches as he explains everything he dislikes and the unusual and often insightful experiences that led him to despising each topic. From D-bags and potheads to war and religion, prepare to be offended.

Walking Through Spider Webs is split into five sections of things to hate; Situations, People, Places, Things and Wisdom. Each section has various chapters explaining a unique story or experience that details the reasoning and sometimes rational for hating each topic.

The author has a hilarious and strangely friendly but angry way of writing and explaining his hatreds. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hating the various situations the next time you experience them.

Reviews from iTunes:

"Walking through spider webs, was clever and funny, a true toilet staple." *5 Stars* -Churfzilla

"Fantastic point of view. The author clearly has a realistic view on normal and awkward everyday situations. Society would love to say half of comments he says, because hell, we're all thinking it. The book was an entertaining read and will hopefully make the next reader reconsider a 'stop-and-chat'" *4 Stars* -Dizzle the Snitch

"Call a spade a spade and you've earned my respect... And that's exactly what this book has done. No beating in and around the bush, tell it like it is, no bs commentary on day to day shenanigans. I'm looking forward to a sequel if it's in the works." *5 Stars* - Pahpahbear

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ISBN: 9781452340807
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