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Pop Psychology explores topics such as:

How our environment affects us in ways we can’t imagine -

Why some people go nuts if you touch their groceries in a checkout line -

Using persuasion to scam a professor -

How some military recruiters play mind games with potential recruits -

Why jumping off the elevator when a stranger enters is sometimes warranted -

Why Mike Tyson’s biting off part of the ear of Ivander Holyfield may have been the right thing to do... -

The hot liquid courage that Andre Agassi drank before every match -

How sleep can give competitors an edge when all things are equal -

Why being the absolute best often does not matter one bit -

How an audience can increase your performance but also make you worse -

Why you should never accept a free hand massage in a mall corridor -

Why the person who picks on you in grade school often becomes your best friend -

How songs like “Blame it on the Rain,” “I’m too sexy” and “Superman” become top selling songs -

Why people often side with the Paparazzi and not the celebrity when things go wrong -

Pop Psychology covers 20+ psychology and mass media theories and includes a heavy dose of pop culture, storytelling and humor to keep you entertained throughout. At the same time, I hope it inspires, motivates and educates. In these passages I’ve attempted to bring these theories to life. By demonstrating how these theories can be applied in real life settings, I hope that you can use them to your advantage as well. Or if you are just looking for a fun, yet intellectually entertaining read this book can serve that purpose too. -

From the mind of Bakari Akil II, Ph.D., who blogs for Psychology Today and who is also a Professor of Communication when he's not writing, researching or conducting off the wall studies.

Published: Bakari Akil II, Ph.D. on
ISBN: 9781466133587
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