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Vanderville: Sometimes Going Home Can Be Murder

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Imagine you are driving down a Florida highway and you see a man - a hulking giant of a man - walking. He has a large framepack on his back and long dark hair flowing in the breeze. As you pass him your eyes meet. You see scars on his face and danger in his eyes.

You wonder: where is he going? He raises his hand in the briefest of greetings and you slow, then pull to the shoulder. Your logical mind screams NO! THIS IS DANGEROUS! And yet you are compelled to stop. Who is this man? Why is he walking in the heat? Where is he going? You discover that you MUST know the answers.

He tells you his name is TRAVELLER and that he is going home to Georgia. His mother has died. Did he smile when he said those words? No, surely it's your imagination playing tricks. But still you offer him a ride. North to Georgia. To a land of front porches, soft voices, and murder.

Welcome to Vanderville. Sometimes going home can be murder.

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