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The King of Zoran decided Earth was the place to find a new battle captain to win the battle against the Altairons. So, in 1947 flying saucers were ordered to Roswell, New Mexico. The plan was to attract enough attention that the US Army and Air Force would try to attack. Then they could find the lead man and capture him. Sequel: Galaxy Slaves. Facts mix with fiction for great action.

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God has many kingdoms in the universe. On some of these worlds he made the people in his image, and on others the Devil did his work. When the Lord saw this he made a law that all the hosts of heaven and hell must follow. Simply translated the law states that all people, in what ever their image, in all the kingdoms and worlds of the universe would from this day forward have the power to chose their own destiny.

Thus was born religions, and those who claim to know the true path to attain a place in heaven. This has also led to wars in the universe and on earth between those who would follow God and those who would follow the Devil. Through out the universe having the power to chose is known as GOD’S LAW and has led to more wars and arguments than any other action that God has taken since the universe was created.

Beyond our Milky Way Galaxy there are many more galaxies and more worlds like earth in many different time periods of development. On these worlds we have members of the clergy, saints, popes, preachers, rabbis, prophets, evangelists, and Ghost Talkers all speaking for God. Some of these worlds are further advanced or have developed more than the rock known as earth while others are still in the Mesozoic Era. These galaxies are so far from each other that a spaceship must travel through time and space to reach them.

When a Zoran’s spaceship travels to earth it must attain speeds greater than the speed of light. Once it exceeds the speed of light time speeds up on Zoran in relation to ship’s time or so it seems to the crew. It takes a ship’s year to reach earth and a ship’s year to return. On Zoran hundreds of planet years have passed. The further a spaceship travels or the faster it goes the more time is passed on its home planet and at its destination. If a person on earth could see Zoran they would be looking hundreds of planet years into the past.

Once in a while a person is born who can communicate with their mind to another person with the same ability. In Zoran when a person is found with telepathic ability they are trained in the word of God and become Ghost Talkers. By Zoran law all Ghost Talkers become public servants. Some are trained as astronauts and travel on spaceships, so real time communications with the spaceship’s crew can be maintained.

The spaceships of Zoran have been searching for other warm-blooded people for thousands of years. When they first discovered how to control gravity by trapping Dark Matter and using Dark Energy to propel their spaceships they ventured into space with their first goal the constellation Aquila. As they neared Altair they ran across another spaceship that was on an exploration quest for its world known as Altairon. The Altairon spaceship attacked and attempted to capture them. The Zorans were lucky as they had two other spaceships with them, and they were armed. The Zorans had fought two wars in space against each other to determine who would be their king and control Zoran’s three moons with an asteroid belt that stretched like a snake’s tail through their galaxy. In the ensuing battle they were able to destroy the attacker. Upon examination of the enemy spaceship they found that it was manned by cold-blooded five fingered mammals who were strictly meat eaters. They called them Altairons after the area where the attack took place. From that day on every time they approached the constellation Aquila they could expect to be set upon by Altairon spaceships. Now the Zorans were looking for planets that had an atmosphere, temperature, and were about the same size as Zoran in the Milky Way. They needed someone to help them stop the Altairons or a place to make a new home for their people before the Altairons found the planet Zoran.

Earth came to their attention for two reasons. First it was similar to Zoran and second they had noticed an explosion in 1945 that was atomic in form coming from Alamogordo, New Mexico. A plus was that the people of the earth were warm-blooded, and knew how to fight. In fact they were now fighting each other in a Second World War that they believed would end all wars. Twenty years before they had fought World War One to end all wars. All wars on earth after WW-II would have other names and reasons given for fighting but the real reason was always the same. Both sides would claim that God was on their side and that the enemy was the people who believed or acted different than they did. Sometimes the people were told that one side or the other lived to well, have too much money, to much oil, or treated their people cruelly but the real reason was power and money.

The Zorans believe in one God and have Ghost Talkers whose leader was called a Prophet of God. Their government was a monarchy ruled by king with the support of a royal family. Earth was mostly filled with people who believed in the same God as the Zorans but with some of the people ruled under a monarchy, some under a dictatorship, some under a republic, or a democrat government. There were two great drawbacks to meeting face to face with them and asking for their help.

One problem was that the earth was full of people who were now fighting each other over the proper way to worship and the procedures to follow to obtain a place in God’s Kingdom. The other problem was that the Zorans had weapons that were more advanced than any atomic bomb, so any nation they helped would be able to destroy all others. If they made direct contact with one of these nations then the earth could be destroyed even before the Altairons found them.

During the Zoran’s space wars they had developed a method to stop any group of people or a king from gaining absolute power. The method was simple and it worked. They would appoint a Battle Captain to fight their battles. These warriors would be known as Hero’s of the Kingdom, and after the fight was over they would place him, his officers, and all who had became warriors in suspended animation or deep sleep. The idea was to wake them when they were needed again and in this way there would be no rebelling against the king. The only problem was that no warrior had ever been taken out of deep sleep as only the king could order an awaking.

Now they needed leaders and warriors who could fight, but while they had warriors who were in deep sleep the king would not allow for anyone to be awakened. There was no way he or his advisors would take a chance on a Zoran leader, who was a hero of the kingdom, taking power away from the king. It was decided that if a Battle Captain could be found on earth then he would be used. No one would care if he and his officers were put to sleep after a battle and never awakened. The hunt for an earthman to become their Battle Captain was a long one.

The need was fast approaching when they would have to fight to save their planet as the Ghost Talkers were reporting that Altairons were now hunting Zoran spaceships for the food they carried. It seems that they didn’t understand that the crews were not part of the spaceship’s food supplies. On all Altairion spaceships warm-blooded people were only kept onboard as live food. They were easy to feed and were left to themselves until meal time when one or two were put in a pit where the Altairon crew could tare off parts during the eating period. With proper care a Altairon food-master could keep the spaceship’s crew fed for almost two years. If they could find Zoran they would have a food supply available until they reached earth. Warm-blooded humans were like cattle and were the favored food of the Altairons.

The Zorans had first visited earth just after the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs no longer roamed the land. There was only one large landmass on the planet during this period, so they established a base where their survey spaceships and crews could rest as they studied earth. As the mapping of earth continued more and more spaceships arrived. The base soon became a large city of thousands known as Atlantis. During this period the earth was unstable with many earthquakes and volcano eruptions causing the landmass to start separating into many continents. The Zorans had constructed lines and signs on the land areas that could only be seen when a spaceship was circling earth for landing, and they could still be used today if the land had not broken and drifted apart. Even with all their advance engineering knowledge they could not stop the loss of their city. The King ordered every one to return to Zoran and thousands of planet years would pass before they again returned to earth. Only this time their visits were to study earthmen and women to see if they could live and work in a space environment.

During WW II and even before, the Zorans had been looking for and seeking a Battle Captain. Over many years they had kidnapped people from all over the world. Some came from farms and others from towns. They were young and old, men and women from all nationalities. They were studied and tested to learn what was needed to keep an earthling alive and healthy in space but none had met the test to be a Battle Captain of Zoran.

All Zoran’s spaceships were built six hundred feet long with a one hundred fifty-foot beam and eight decks. Each spaceship carried five saucers shaped scouts or survey ships. All flying saucers had three or more crewmembers who came from Zoran’s first moon. These astronauts were small and hairless with large slanted eyes. They weighed less than a hundred pounds and were three fingered but they were not trained for fighting. They were picked for their ability to withstand high G forces, see in poor light, and were used to living with low gravity. On the planet Zoran the men averaged fifty pounds heaver than the females with wavy golden hair on their heads, and gold colored beards or face hair. They had five fingers and looked a lot like an earth mans except they were about a foot shorter. Most men and women were a little over five feet tall but there were a few differences that weren’t noticed at first. On Zoran both of the men and women’s sexual organs were separate, and were not used for other bodily functions. They were located in the same place on the body and used in the same way, but the Zoran men’s penis, something like an earth raccoon, gave him a full time erection. It was used only for sex and was a little longer than an earth mans, but he had to squat to pee as the uriniferous tube was connected to the tailbone. The women had smooth fair skin with golden hair on their heads and could accept a male at any time but they only came into heat every six months. Touch made a female ready for sex, and the male was tuned on by color. A female was in heat for ten days. After that period her skin’s color turned pale almost white and then ever day thereafter it started to turn a darker red until she was fertile again. To be sure that earth peoples were compatible with Zorans they had tested them with their spaceship’s Zoran’s guardsmen to see if they could impregnate earth women and found that they could.

Each spaceship carried a crew of four hundred with a spaceship’s Master, Science Officer, Load Master, Medical Officer, Ghost Talker, Purser, Engineer Officer, Navigator, Robotic Officer, Training Officer, Personnel Officer, Hotel Manager, Commander of the spaceship’s Guard, Law Officer, and in case of war a Battle Captain. The spaceship also carried ten scientists who were selected by the universities on Zoran. Each officer and scientist had a E3B2 robot assistant that observed and sent all records to the spaceship’s master computer.

All Zoran spaceship’s articles prescribe that the Master of the spaceship and eighty percent of the crew must be female. The following officers must also be female, Medical Officer, Personnel Officer, Purser, Hotel Manager, and Robotic Officer. The following officers would be male, the Battle Captain, spaceship’s Guard Commander, and Law Officer. All other officers could be of either gender. The Ghost Talker wore a white robe that completely covered the head and body. The robe had designs in gold and silver that showed the galaxies. Some galaxies were continually changing as other stars were added or removed, so the robe seemed almost alive. Around the neck was a cord of gold with a jewel representing a star, but it was actually a language translator. When a Ghost Talker spoke all had the same voice in any language. In this manor no one would know the gender of God’s representative. They also spoke among themselves in a Ghost Talker’s language similar to Latin, which was known by the crewmembers as God’s voice. They could contact Ghost Talkers through out all the galaxies by telepathic means in real time.

The spaceship’s name that visited earth looking for a Battle Captain was named Adventurer. The Zorans had four spaceships, hundreds of flying saucers, and one starship that was four times larger than a spaceship. The flying saucers or scout ships were lightly armed and normally carried a crew of three. One pilot, one navigator, and a gunnery officer or a medical doctor. In a pinch they could also carry three passengers.

The king controlled all the assignment of crewmembers to a spaceship that would be traveling through space and time. The firepower of a spaceship was so great and the time a spaceship was on a mission hundreds of planets years could pass, so great care was taken to prevent a threat to the power of the King and his ruling family. No military general or any of the kingdoms other great families were allowed to send a son on a space mission. On all spaceships visiting earth one of the king’s daughters would be assigned as the robotic officer. In this way the ruling family attempted to prevent a change of power.

A Space Lieutenant commanded the spaceship’s guard, which consisted of thirty troopers and crew for five scout ships. In time of war or an attack they came under the direct command of the Battle Captain. The spaceship’s articles required that ten guardsmen had to be on duty protecting the crews’ quarter’s twenty-four hours a day. Each guardsman had a Z1M1 robot guard at his post to stand watch if one of the crew needed his services in their cabin. After standing guard duty for eight hours they had to perform calisthenics, weapons training, and class work for another eight hours. The last eight hours of their workday was for sleeping and eating. As the search for a Battle Captain was a long one the spaceship would change to earth time upon leaving Zoran and its twenty-six hour day. In this manor everyone was adopted to earth before the spaceship arrived.

The Robotic Officer had three types of robots assigned to her section and three maintenance technicians each specializing in a different type of robot. The E3B2 robot was a general-purpose assistant machine. It was three feet tall, about a foot around, and attached as an aid to a scientist by telepathic means. It could float a foot above the deck and move to where ever its owner was. It was normally in the same room with its assigned officer or scientist. It recorded all conversations, took pictures, and was a mega computer. It could change its outer color and translate all languages except the Ghost Talker’s language. It could communicate telepathy with other robots and could use sound to speak with crewmembers. It could operate in space and under water. There were two handles on it for the owner’s use in holding onto if it was being used as a tug or for towing in space or water. It could take photographs or show a holograph moving picture. Each E3B2 robot could send and receive messages from other robots while at the same time recording all the activities around it. All information collected by the E3B2 robot was transmitted to the spaceship’s master computer to become part of the spaceship’s log on a daily bases.

The Z1M1 was a Telamon Robot Computer shaped like a spaceship’s guardsman. It was four feet tall and designed as a warrior who would carry and operate infantry weapons. It would accept orders from the spaceship’s Guard Commander or the Battle Captain. They could also talk to other robots and to Zorans by sound. As a defensive weapon they could transmit a holograph of them selves. They could operate in space or under water without special gear and lift themselves over ten feet in normal earth gravity. There were fifty Z1M1 robots stored in-groups of two within compartments through out the spaceship.

The G1G2 was a Telamon Robot Computer shaped like a Ghost Talker. It was eight feet from its base to the top of the crown on its head, twice as tall of any Z1M1 robot guardsman, wore the robes of a Ghost Talker, and spoke to the Ghost Talkers in their language. It weighs over a thousand pounds, and needed assistance to move. It could transmit and receive information from the spaceship’s master computer over a distance that was light years away from its location. It could transmit a holograph and speak in different languages by telepathic means or by sound. In its base there was enough atomic explosive to destroy a major city, and from its eyes it could shoot a particle beam one hundred and fifty feet vaporizing a man-size object. It was designed to draw energy from any power source that operated within a hundred feet of its location or from any light source. It was also designed to operate for over a thousand years without maintenance. Every spaceship carried one located in a shrine on board the spaceship. In case of capture by the Altairons it would destroy the spaceship. Most spaceships carried two G1G2 robots in storage that were left on planets to be found if the Altairons showed up. They could be activated for destruction only by a battle captain or by three individuals unknowing speaking the Altairon language. Only a battle captain could disarm a G1G2 robot once it was activated.

After hearing recordings of the air battles between aircraft during WWII the Training Officer started English language courses for all crewmembers as the primary speaking language for the search to locate a battle captain. In July 1945 the search was narrowed to New Mexico in the United States, and then in 1947 to the area of Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell Army Airfield home of the 509th Bomb Group was the first US Air Force Base and the worlds first airbase used to store and deliver an atomic bomb.

The King of Zoran decided that this was the place where they had the best chance of finding a battle captain.

The Ghost Talkers were reporting that the Altairons were capturing spaceships within months of Zoran. The king was insisting that a battle captain had to be picked now, and he suggested that it should be near where the atomic bomb was developed. The Adventurer was ordered to proceed directly to the Constellation Aquila after selecting a battle captain with out returning home.

All of the flying saucers had been scattered around the world searching for a man to become the Adventurer’s Battle Captain, and would have to be recalled so the search could be conducted in the area near Roswell Army Airfield. The spaceship’s Master had the Adventurer proceeded out beyond Mars. Then she ordered all its flying saucers to return to the spaceship and prepare for the capture of a battle captain. Over a year of earth time passed before the Adventurer was able to return to the earth to begin the final search.

In 1947 the flying saucers were ordered to proceed to Roswell, New Mexico, and to fly low over the land, so that the people could see them. The plan was to attract enough attention that the US Army and Air Force would try to attack them. The idea was to locate the man leading or directing the attack, and then capture him. He would be offered the position of Battle Captain but not told that he would be put in a deep sleep capsule after the battle. All good plans turn to shit when things go wrong and this day it did. As the flying saucers slowed down to just below the speed of sound one of the pilots not familiar with the thick air and high gravity of earth let his speed creep up to a thousand miles per hour. The flying saucer was at two hundred feet when it became unstable and hit the ground. Two dead and one captured by the soldiers. It was a loss that no one could have foreseen, and time had run out in the search for a battle captain.


I’m an E3B2 robot, the personal assistant to Princess Morning Light the robotic officer of the spaceship Adventurer. Like other E3B2 robots all data I collect is directly transmitted to the master computer on the spaceship, and then once a week every thing is transmitted to the king’s computer on Zoran. I have been to earth many times before with scientists on the spaceship Adventurer studying earthmen and women. This visit was different as we had come to seek the help of earth to save our world. It was 1947-earth time and over a hundred years had passed on Zoran since we had started our journey. Even if we could find someone to help us it will be another two hundred planet years before the help will be available for our world. It’s a matter of time and distance but earth is our only hope.

Now my Princess Morning Light is not only a very young pretty girl, but being the daughter of the King of Zoran she is independent and strong willed. She knows that it would be over two hundred planet years before she returns to Zoran and while she could not be a king she intends to have a son who will be. As the Robotic Officer of the spaceship Adventurer she spent the time traveling to earth changing my programs and internal chips, so that I did not involuntary transmit to the spaceship’s master computer. In fact I was changed, so I could ask for and receive information without a record being kept. The master computer was directed to forget that I existed and was given short prerecorded messages to send to the king’s computer. She even had a rotating ball placed on my topside that was a particle beam projector, which could vaporize a target twenty feet away. Now I could see 360* and destroy anything I could see without moving. I have become the most powerful E3B2 robot in the universe.

When the Adventurer reached the earth’s moon the spaceship’s Master had an orbit established that held the spaceship on the its dark side away from earth’s view. Only then did she send for Morning Light. As the Princess entered the office of the spaceship’s Master I drifted in beside her and settled down against the wall. No one ever pays attention to a robot assistant as it is always there. It’s something like looking at a person’s watch. The spaceship’s Master and the Commander of the guardsmen were the only ones in the office when she entered.

Morning Light I want you to take a team of two Z1M1 robot guardsmen to Roswell Air Base and bring back an earth pilot to be our Battle Captain, the spaceship’s Master said.

"Master, I’ll need two scout ships to carry everyone back to the Adventurer after we get our man," Morning Light replied.

There will be two flying saucers and two Z1M1 robot guardsmen assigned to you for this mission. They will be on the flight hanger deck when you are ready to leave, the Commander answered.

Then the spaceship’s Master said, Be careful! Don’t let anyone on earth see you. Try and capture our new Battle Captain in a remote area to avoid attention. Earthlings are easy to capture, so you should be back in two or three days. Good hunting!

In one flying saucer with its crew were the two Z1M1 robot guardsmen and in the other one with the crew were Morning Light, and myself. I had to move fast to get aboard as no one thinks about their E3B2 robot assistants. The flying saucers were programmed to enter earth’s atmosphere at night staying above sixty thousand feet over the old Roswell Army Airfield and holding in a waiting pattern. Morning Light would be looking for a pilot who was leaving the airbase and proceeding away from the city of Roswell. From this altitude she could see everyone leaving the airbase, and with the scout ship’s visual instrument systems she could even see their clothing and features. It was just after daylight when two men left through the main gate of the airbase riding on an Indian motorcycle. Morning Light got very excited and told our pilot that both men were wearing flight jackets, so they must be pilots. I was not so sure.

They left the airbase headed toward town but then they continued to the civilian airfield. Now I was getting interested. As we watched they went into one of the hangers, and a few minutes later you could see them rolling out a small two-place Taylorcraft airplane. It was the smallest flying machine I’d ever seen. As they got in I could see that they sat side by side instead of one behind the other. They flew away from the town towards Roswell Springs. Morning Light radioed the other flying saucer telling them to follow us. She then told our pilot to fly around the town to the mud flats near the springs and get there before the little aircraft arrived. Our scout pilot landed us on the dirt road that crossed the mud flats so we could hide and wait in ambush to capture those Air Force pilots. She radioed the Z1M1 robot guardsmen and told them to freeze-ray the pilots as soon as they got out of their plane. Then she said, After they are down I’ll pick the one we want to keep. We’ll leave before anyone knows we were here.

After dropping us off the scout ships left to wait for her signal to return and make the pick up. A lot of people must have seen the flying saucers land as it was a bright clear morning, just before noon in New Mexico. While we were waiting on the road looking out onto the mud flats we heard cars coming down the road. There were cars and pickup trucks full of people and every pickup had one or two barking dogs. It was a one-track dirt road that was built up about four feet above the mud that crossed the flats to the spring. There wasn’t much wind, just a gentle breeze, and the vehicles were making a lot of dust. It was so bad that everyone including our team was covered with it. All the earth people stopped to watch the small airplane land on the dried mud. It landed near the middle of the flat area, and you could see its wheels starting to sink into the mud as it stopped. The mud had only dried on the top in the hot New Mexico sun and looked like dried eight-inch checkered blocks but it was still soft and sticky about an inch below the surface. Morning Light just stood there with our two Z1M1 robot guardsmen surrounded by earth people watching the little plane’s wheels sink into