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After the death of their father, Tara and Della Sinclair's mother, Eve, puts the men in her life before the needs of her daughters

Tara's way of dealing with life is to shut people out, and bury herself in her art. Not until she meets Joshua Drake, a kind and understanding psychologist, does Tara begin to overcome her pronlems. But Joshua has unresolved issues of his own, and doesn't trust himself with Tara, particularly when he finds himself falling in love with her.

Della follows her mother’s misguided footsteps until she finds herself pregnant and alone. When she has a fling with Blake Steele, the only son of a powerful businessman, her friends talk her into passing off the pregnancy as his. Although financially secure, Della pays for her deception with a painful miscarriage, a loveless marriage, and overbearing in-laws. When Della decides to divorce Blake, he has other ideas, determined to make her love him no matter what the cost.

The way these four people try to resolve their problems causes more grief than anyone could have imagined, and changes their lives in ways none of them would ever have expected..

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