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How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Life

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“There is nothing more important to your success at quitting smoking than the act of preparing yourself to do it. Nothing!” That’s what finally got Brian Keelan out of his 40 year addiction to nicotine, over 90,000 cigarettes and $37,000 after-tax dollars ago.
This is a book every smoker should read before they even try to quit smoking. It will take you very thoroughly through five basic steps you need to go through to get yourself to the point where you are totally ready, motivated and equipped to succeed at quitting smoking forever and overturning the worst decision you ever made in your life – your decision to start smoking.
It’s a book every parent should read and then give their kids to read before they have to deal with the issue of smoking because it will give them the right information to make the right decision.
“I can thank you and your dog eared book now because I have been smoke free for 2 years. “ Stephanie Ferrera, former smoker.

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