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The New Ancien Régime

The New Ancien Régime

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The New Ancien Régime

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Nov 1, 2010


It isn't a conspiracy, nor a virus or cancer. It started 2500 years ago and is about an idea, a dystopian one. It loves to talk about equality, humanism, language, mathematics and religion but its mantle is: 'Left to Our Own Devices We Will Fall Down!' It's anti-democratic and abhors openness, reason, atheism, and law and order. It detests middle class values and the work ethic. It yearns for the unearned . . . for the easy life. It's a slow crawling killer, a hater of life, and overall, it surreptitiously rejoices in human misery. It's cure is laborious! In fact, it's the hard life itself. Modern human excellence started with the growth of rational materialism and individualism hundreds of years ago. It was another idea altogether, a demanding one; the first people to discover it were silenced by the mystics, the second wave were killed en masse by the state-collectivists. Now, we stand at the brink of a fresh onslaught: this current democratic equalitarianism seeks the final solution; an elixir as powerful as it is corrupt: the gentle kindly handmaiden state. It has joined forces with artists, religionists and collectivists to win the irrational endorsement of everything that is poisoned in life: wishful thinking, believing in things which clearly don't exist and using the force of the herd to bring about undeserved riches for people of little merit. It is sentimental and seeks to keep all things slightly out of focus for those they consider the unlearned masses--us poor suckers of the third estate. It's a movement touched with idiocy and fear; it is the modern myth of the New Ancien Régime.

On the one hand, the theory makes you want to return to a time when values were facts and fact were values. If you didn't have them, you might not survive. On the other, it makes you want a future where all people are free and have found it by practicing personal responsibility. A poignant, passionate, (at times insistent) call to arms for human rights, human borders and constitutional democracy.

Nov 1, 2010

About the author

E A St Amant is the author of How to Increase the Volume of the Sea Without Water, Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain and Stealing Flowers.

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The New Ancien Régime - E A (Edward) St Amant

The New Ancien Régime

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Table of Contents

The New Ancien Régime

The Free Riders


The Secret Spirit of Life

The Secret of the Ages


I’m Not Religious But . . .

Progress in Philosophy

Individualism for Collectivists

Richard Feynman Versus Freeman Dyson

Clustering Around The Hundred

Dreaming Liberty

The New Ancien Régime

People who sense history is a result of conspiracy likely believe in a hidden realm. Those who trust in cabal often imagine that most of us are feebleminded. They conjecture that we, the dull masses, are controlled by an elitist group of conniving billionaires who control human history through the state and media. To them Rubicon is real and some innocent is always dying in the backseat of Ted Kennedy’s car. They don’t know it, but they’re Platonists.

This is an example of a modern conspiracy: the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was backed and made possible by a New York Jewish financial cartel who did it with the understanding that Russia would become the ultimate dragon to the West; thus, the resulting war divergence would nicely enfold with the definitive Rothschild Formula for international bankers, which is, In War, Make Money on Both Sides. Inside the world international financial community, everyone knows that the best banking constant is, War is the Health of the State.

The trouble with this conspiracy – outside of the ludicrous investment risk – is that it is far more reasonable to believe that minority extremists of any idea, i.e., Christianity, Islam or Marxism – as absolutists – would seize the moment with violence and proceed into the dominant (revolutionary) position. This sounds familiar because it is. It has much greater believability than, The Jews Did It! again. This is not to deny that sometimes capital monopolists finance and support state monopolists like Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Nazis, religionists and socialists to their mutual advantage. One has to remember that capital-monopolists like Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Ford and so forth are the real enemy of free markets and democracy. But more importantly:

Without Christianity There is No Marxism

Without Marxism, There is No Bolshevik Revolution

The above paragraphs are stated to make absolutely clear that I use the title, The New Ancien Régime as an analogy and not as a conspiracy, that is, unless you take the concept ‘conspiracy’ as a conspiracy of ideas.

In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, Democratic Marxism especially represented by democratic-type socialists such as Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Herbert Marcuse and Noam Chomsky (and many others including Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Helen Keller) was the predominant political philosophy in the West. It dovetailed with Christian altruism, just as Bolshevik Communism had done in the East in Imperial Russia, which practiced Christianity through the influential Russia Orthodox Church.

Human history is driven by ideas such as Confucianism, Aristotelianism, Platonism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Marxism and others, including Evolution, Relativity and Chaos Theory. No idea has had a greater and more damning effect on the West (and maybe the whole world) than Platonism and the philosophical belief in innate ideas.

While saying that history isn’t primarily driven by conspiracy, it isn’t to deny the impact of the cabal either because sometimes they’re true, and often, because of the effect that they have on the thinking processes of humankind, especially through scapegoating. However, and remember, those embracing a position based on reason, should have a natural suspicion of conspiracy theories. Those who primarily promote them, trust in teleological order in the universe and have low standards in their belief threshold. They are often supernaturalists, promoting themselves as Sherlock-like sleuths. Believing in things without proof is a real possibility for anyone whose practices belief by faith.

It is believable that a 100 people came together to kill JFK. Certainly at least a 100 people sincerely wanted to see him dead; however, did they in actuality get together and arrange it? There is no evidence to support such a claim but it could be true. Perhaps Churchill had the Lusitania sunk, Roosevelt might have enticed the Japanese to Pearl Harbor by willful negligence or Bush indeed maybe planned 9/11 so as to go to war in Iraq. These are all alternative realities which paint the leaders of the Western World as Machiavellian Stalinists or Hitlers in waiting. Believe it at your own risk, but on some level they’re plausible. One has to just read of the Gleiwitz incident, a staged attack by Nazi forces posing as Poles in August of 1939 to realize what measure the state will use to wage war.

Socialism has been clearly refuted by economic reality to say nothing of economists themselves. It has also been thoroughly disproved by philosophy, as has supernaturalism itself. Why religion is still taken seriously and why the handmaiden state continues to grow is directly linked to ideas. Without Christian altruism to prop the state up in the form of liberal welfare in the West, it would be dead in the water as it has become in much of the East. Most people in the liberal democracies believe in a social safety-net. The government, both Left and Right, in their turn, give it their support even knowing that it increases the dependency of people on the state among those whose only hope to happiness is personal and economic independence, a human event that must be achieved through their own initiative and which is almost always exceedingly hard work.

Sympathy for Welfare Democracy is Nearing its End

Socialism is a Platonic theory of where the rational individual fits into society (which today we could easily call the New Ancien Régime) and why his egocentricity should be thwarted by the collective. It is also an economic and political theory based on state ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources in a kind gentle democratic manner, (Nice Kindly Workers Are Us Incorporated). But why use expressions like, state ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources when it’s just theft by the state and bullying by the electorate? Because, it’s the language of the philosopher kings. The New Ancien Régime’s spokes-people can only talk in terms of love, peace, understanding, hugs and kisses. That’s what they do. Many of them are sincere, but just the same, they’re all thieves and bullies, and they don’t give a damn whose builds the houses for everyone, who feeds the masses and who supplies the health care for the sick, as long as it gets done, because everyone in the world has a right to it even if it makes us all slaves.

Altruism has its place only in a non-political, non-violent manner. Taxation uses the monopoly force of the state to take part of one person’s salary (or labor), by compulsion to increase another’s well being (that is, using forcible charity). It’s anything but brotherly love. In this sense our society is corrupted by taxation, but to understand the (old) Ancien Régime is to understand the semiotic relationship between the state (the king’s law) and the church (god’s law) in feudal times. Ancien Régime refers to the aristocratic, social and political oligarch established in France under the Bourbon dynasties. It was swept away by the English and French revolutions.

Ancien Régime was a Feudal Order with the Divine Right of Kings and concentrated political power to the court of a monarchy, a system greatly benefiting white male property owners, the church and those attached to the court at the expense of the mass of people.

Power in the Ancien Régime was distributed along three segments of society: the monarchy, clergy and aristocracy. They were divided into three sections: the First Estate, (clergy), Second Estate, (nobility) and Third Estate, (the common people). The Ancien Régime with the help of old money (and the politically motivated nouveau-riche who have inherited their wealth), has reasserted and transformed itself into modern times. Its First Estate is the Military Industrial Complex. The Second Estate is the modern autocratic paper monetary oligarch (including the press and political machines). The Third Estate is the beleaguered middle class.

The New Ancien Régime like the old has its privileges: in the First Estate: the right to earn a living at war is a prerogative of the ruling class – war for the sake of war. In the Second Estate: the right of politicians to support the growth of the state and the right of intelligentsia to support Keynesian/socialist monetary policies no matter how thoroughly both these ideas have been refuted–no matter how dangerous they are to democracy and the future of the world. In the Third Estate, we have the right to consume no matter how little we’ve produced. We have a right to sit on the sidelines and pray. We have a right to join together and extort the rich under a threat of unrest and violence.

In the world of ideas – the ethereal domain – militarism, pro-statist-philosophy and socialism have lost the intellectual battles they’ve fought. Yet today they are the true power brokers of the First and Second Estate.

How Have They Won for Losing?

It’s a little like a riddle. In Canada the First Peoples Nation has literally been put on the welfare roles since the beginning of confederation. Shame provoked it. Capital L Liberalism maintained a bankrupt idea through the decades. It hasn’t served the First Peoples well; some would conclude it has oppressed them. They represent four percent of the population and receive annual subsidies in the billions of dollars, pay no sales tax and receive many economic incentives, yet their homicide rate is higher by a factor of five, they make up 20 percent of the prison population, 35 percent of their numbers on reserves are on welfare and they have three times the suicide rate of non-aboriginal youth. They’ve been allowed to take a pass on the hard task of wealth creation. To get a work ethic, economic reality must force you to get out each day to work. A work ethic is a tough thing. Nobody will do it unless they have to, but to do it is the only way to economic independence and happiness – this then is human nature – if you knew a gift of a million dollars would destroy you, you’d probably take the money anyway. Life is hard, people are complicated and you can’t blame all of our problems on the Bilderbergs of the world. Often laziness and wanting ‘something for nothing’ are illegitimate goals masked as political ideals. The Right offends on the side of ‘mindless greed’ but the Left sins on the side of the mediocre. The Left and Right in the spectrum of the New Ancien Régime are closer in the goal of the ultimate handmaiden state than their rhetoric indicates; they are both dangerous; both are big spenders and both prostitute themselves for votes. We need to reduce the influence of the New Ancien Régime before democracy is directly threatened. The Military Industrial Complex which historic circumstance has fostered on the world can be transformed by a revolution of peaceful democratic nations uniting under one banner of producer economies. When America’s business system collapses due to its unsustainable debt load this well may be a time for real revolutionary change: a switch to true economic fiscal conservative philosophy for the world. The last great depression triggered by the Fed was blamed on Wall Street. The statists of both the Left and Right are trying to do the same thing again. Government economic profligacy is a greater force than most economists realize.

A Pressing Reality Exists:

The Books of the World Need to be Balanced.

The Ledger is Ineluctable.


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