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Tales from the Known Kingdoms is a self-help book with a difference. It uses a collection of teaching tales set in mythical and magical kingdoms to explain widespread psychological blocks to achieving peace of mind and happiness. It takes you on a journey through common misunderstandings and hidden patterns that keep people unhappy and stuck in their lives. Known Kingdoms is both entertaining and accessible as it guides you to look at your life from a different angle.
Topics covered in Known Kingdoms include: thoughts and beliefs - and how they create personal reality; understanding emotional reactions; the question of ‘who am I?’; the pursuit of happiness; understanding everyday stress, depression & grief; letting go of childhood issues; boundaries; control & personal responsibility; people pleasing; perfectionism; defensiveness; commitment phobia; using creative imagination for change; parenting models old and new and parenting misconceptions.
For those interested in self development, yet not sure where to begin, Known Kingdoms also surveys some popular approaches to self-growth. These include traditional psychological and motivational methods, ‘Managing Vibration’ for those into spiritual growth, and the psychological side of ‘Seeking Enlightenment’ in the framework of Eastern Psychology.
Known Kingdoms is an introduction to useful psychological ideas that is meaty in the range and depth of concepts it examines, yet is an easy read for the general reader. The stories are designed to reinforce the key themes and to leave you thinking in ways you may not have considered before. The author is an experienced psychologist and counsellor who has drawn on her observations about what people often most need to know.
Whether you are struggling with a problem, feeling stuck or lost, seeking greater happiness, or just want to know more about who you are, you will find this book both a practical and engaging guide.
“Tales from the Known Kingdom - Adventures in Self-Understanding" by Australian psychologist, Lyn Taryn, is a whimsical concoction of magical mediaeval fantasies and contemporary psychological understandings emerging from Lyn's more than 20 years clinical experience.
In this light but substantial book, readers will find gentle prods of awareness and insights that can't offend, but instead lead to respectful opportunities to learn and grow.
Aspects of the reader, their family, their opponents appear in new lights, and by reading the "Tales" or the explanations which follow or a combination of both, useful results are sure to follow.
It is a book to read from cover to cover, or dip into at leisure to visit places like ‘Neverberong’ and meet Princess Perfect, or ‘Exiibris’ to meet ‘Rupert the Unready’.
The experience will be enchanting and practical.”
(Dr Robert McNeilly, Founder Centre of Effective Therapy Australia & Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania; author of "Healing With Words" & "Healing the Whole Person")

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ISBN: 9780987057518
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