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A Dance of Manners

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“Enchanted Journey” by Cynthia Breeding
Attending a Regency ball by a local group of actors is just what American Ashley Bouvier needs to get over her messy divorce from a cheating husband. She is intrigued by the authenticity of the setting, costumes and character-playing...and the gorgeous, dark-haired Andrew Colton, Earl of Tiverton. However, when she wakes up in the morning, she is still in the year, 1811, and England is at war with France. Americans aren’t trusted and within days, she finds herself accused of being a spy. Must Ashley return to the 21st century to avoid the penalty for death? Will their love be strong enough to survive what happens next?

“The Farmer’s Son” by Erin E.M. Hatton
Lady Ellen Spencer comes into an inheritance that grants her title to a country estate as well as a sizable dowry that attracts a bevy of suitors. She is elated when Sir Charles Findley, the most sought-after bachelor of the Season, offers for her hand. Yet, it is Roderick Benton, a farmer’s son with soulful eyes and a quietly steady disposition, who makes her heart race.

“A Passage To Summer” by Gerri Bowen
When the normally formal and proper Earl of Wickerdun enters an enchanted forest, his world turns upside down. Songs from wood nymphs, and an aqua-eyed faery make him think he’s on his way to Bedlam, yet he never felt so alive. Is she mortal or has she truly enchanted him?

“Royal Watercolors” by Susan Flanders
After finishing an art lesson with young Princess Victoria, Lady Kitty is driven home by a handsome coachman who mesmerizes her with his quick, easy grin and unusual lavender eyes. But Kitty is the daughter of a duke and expected to marry into upper nobility. Her heart aches for what never can be.

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