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Contribution To Mankind And Other Stories Of The Dark

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The Dark, it remains our greatest fear. The six stories in this collection of speculative fiction explore some of the terrors we might find lurking. Or worse, might find us.

'The Lake' - a couple seek tranquillity at the site of a high caldera which seems protected by a duststorm. Despite no other vehicles, they’re not the only ones to have made the journey.

'A Glimmer in the Night' returns to bygone days. A learned man takes a guide into unmapped lands, seeking treasure, seeking truth. Sometimes both lie hidden for a reason.

'Our Tyke' - a ghost story such as might be recited in a pub – ‘The Three Bells’ as happens here – yet is based on a true events.

'Doppelgänger' asks the age-old question ‘What would life be like if I were different?’ The problem comes when someone answers.

'Harvester World TZ29-4' is a planet destined to save humanity, whatever humanity is. Or becomes.

'Contribution to Mankind' - one man’s malevolence holds a group of petty criminals in thrall. A lone voice tries to make a difference and fails, yet succeeds where never intended.

Dark tales for a dark night. Don’t look here for happy endings.

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