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Appointed Evil

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For decades, biblical prophecies pertaining to the one known in scriptures as “The Son of Perdition” (The Antichrist) has been a topic of continual speculation. However, the time to know about truths obscured for centuries concerning the most powerful man on earth has been revealed in Appointed Evil.

The book is about The Antichrist, now alive, and soon to take authority over the New World Order. An account of his infinite power is witnessed by a team of twenty clergymen sent to validate his claim to be God on Earth.

After spending two weeks at his grandiose palace in Syria, they conclude that he is in fact who he claims to be: “The Son of Satan and God of the World!”

The book is both a mixture of gospel truths and demonstrations of augury that go far beyond the apex of normal occurrences.
Descriptive passages draw vivid pictures of events that generate waves of emotions while casting an undercurrent of fear that will linger in an aura of wonderment.

Topics are broached that few scholars have ever approached or even know of, and are cloaked behind a stealth veil that is rarely discovered beyond the realm of the dark side.

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