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A Unique Christian Wedding Planner and Resources

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For those in Christian ministry, resources are valuable. Many pastors don't want to do the same old thing the same old way, but want fresh materials and approaches. After many of my weddings, guests would say, "That was refreshing," or, "Where did you get that service?" From my viewpoint, I watched sleepy audiences perk up and pay attention.
In my 46 years of pastoral ministry, I went from using traditional materials with thees and thous to more understandable language, and the results were always dramatic.
Even re-arranging the wedding party was appealing to most couples at the altar. Instead of having the wedding party with its back to the audience, I would ask them to face the audience, and I would turn to comment to the audience when appropriate. After all, the guests didn't come to see me, but the special guests. Changes like these really improved the quality and receptability of entire wedding service.

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