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ANIMATION: Creation of a Cartoon Series

55 pages48 minutes


This book chronicles the efforts of a group of people I was fortunate enough to be involved with while creating and producing a children’s cartoon series of 26 twenty-two-minute episodes entitled the Mister Pig Mysteries.
There are no punches pulled: you will know every trial and tribulation that the group went through, from arguing about one of the main character’s hairdo, another character’s gender, the main character’s shape, what to promise in the demo’s voice-over, plus many other backstage events that the creators of an animated series never mention as guests on an evening talk show... which rarely happens, because those shows usually prefer to interview the movie stars doing the voices for the animated characters.
The 12 Chapters include informative discussions about things that to be considered when contemplating creation of an animated project. They include:
• Business Aspects & Target Audience
• Levels of Sophistication and Software
• Story, Script & Storyboard Usage
• Building Characters & Sets
• Structuring the Series
• Production & Foreign Languages
• Distribution
• Ancillary Products
• Budgeting for the Promo and all Episodes
• Getting and Investor
• The Small Print

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