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Forgotten Canyon
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The thought of finding Montezuma’s hidden treasure urges cartographer Johnathon Scribner deep into the Forgotten Canyon. Why he stays there, however, is a different reason altogether.

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Forgotten Canyon - Lois D. Brown

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Quite a simple story, really, yet this mystery had outsmarted the best treasure hunters of the modern century. . . until now. With the right map, thought Jonathon, anything is possibly. And luckily, he was the one to have found it. And why not? He deserved it. Only he would have been able to successfully compare its topography to that of the gorges and mountains of the Forgotten Canyon where he and Riley had spent the last week together. Even more important, other cartographers not as knowledgeable as he, would not have recognized the symbol of the diamond Aztec flower—made up of six touching diamonds—as the treasure’s resting place.

The two trudged on in silence for most of the afternoon. Squirrels were getting sparse, so dinner's menu consisted of Thistle tea and canned beef. Riley gulped it down like he was eating at a five-star restaurant. Jonathon, however, did not.

You know, he said slowly, warming himself by the campfire.