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Evolutionary Men

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Gabriel Cole would like us to know that every religion implies “man is flawed.”

He would also like everyone to know that God isn’t exactly sitting at an oversized marble desk at the Vatican, reviewing corporate expense accounts.

In fact, God may not be watching us at all.

If the concept of “time” is unique to this world, who’s to say that we all were already born into the apocalypse, instead of waiting for it to start?

Who’s to say we will be judged on an individual basis instead of the human race as a whole?

Gabriel’s only problem is that no one wants to listen to the ranting psychosis of a homeless man on the steps of Government Square in downtown Boston.

The truth is, despite the differences in the three major religions rampant in this world, there are at least three names that transcend the Old Testament, the Koran, and the Holy Bible. It is the “Evolution of Humanity” that has fitted these men with wings and titles.

Still, the question remains, are these all valid realizations or just the distorted rational of the worlds most elusive serial killer?

This groundbreaking eBook is more than just a story. It takes hold of the reader’s imagination and redefines the audience’s expectation of traditional fiction. It encourages a trust in the author to “let go of cognate logic” and take the ride prepared for them in “Evolutionary Men.”

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