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Georgia Heat

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Dara would have been arrested the first time she'd driven a police car screaming through town in the middle of the night if her uncle hadn't been the Sheriff. Years later, she's still a trouble-maker, still a rebel, and now a deputy sheriff in a more than slightly corrupt Georgia County. She spends her days “taxing” speeders and sleeping at a variety of shady swimming holes her uncle can't find, and her nights dancing and preying on men. When the FBI comes to town to get the goods on the Sheriff Dara sets her sights on a handsome young FBI agent, which goes just fine until his partner winds up dead in the Hickory River. Dara is determined to solve the case herself, to find out who's smuggling hard drugs into the County, and to impress her uncle and save the day. But bodies start to accumulate around her and it's looking to the FBI like Dara might be responsible. And if the drug smugglers get their hands on her one of the bodies will be hers.

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