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From the critically acknowledged and controversial author, Slava Pastukhov, comes an examination of society’s zeitgeist through the lens of the cynical comedian. There is something here to entertain or enrage anyone who has been a part of society in recent years (That’s YOU!)
Bros & Hoes in Prose is an ebook. It is free. What other reasons do you need to download it?

There are six themes throughout the book which cover The Unfairer Sex, Sour Sports Satire, Limited Lifetricks, Eloquent Excurse, Judgements and Jargon and Branded Bromosexuals so there should be a little bit of something for everyone to hate.

“The funniest thing I’ve ever read. Possibly the most influential thing I’ve ever put on my Kindle” – Plato

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Published: Slava Pastukhov on
ISBN: 9780986869402
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