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Freedom from Smoking is a new program that greatly improves your chances of breaking free from the health-eroding clutches of nicotine. Nicotine replacement products don't do it - Harvard and U of Mass., 2012 - You do it. Dr. Cochrane's researched guidelines and his clinically refined, written and recorded imagery activities give you the extra edge you deserve to gain your freedom from nicotine.

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Freedom from Smoking - Dr. Gordon Cochrane

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The Benefits of Quitting

Common Characteristics of those who Succeed

The Stages of Success




Congratulations! You are about to break free from nicotine.

In this program you will receive the current research information and the effective tools and strategies that will greatly assist you as you achieve your lasting independence from this drug. If you choose to use the recorded imagery activities that were created to supplement this booklet, you will find that they will help you relax without nicotine until you have fully established your independence from this very costly drug. These recorded activities are designed to help you build your confidence and determination and they will help you maintain your focus on your goal as you progress to greater physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, current e-readers are unable to accommodate audio recordings. However, the imagery activities in this program are available at

The current research on smoking cessation indicates that there are at least three key predictors of success in this endeavor.

The first predictor of your success is your awareness and acceptance of the research-based information about the problem. Denial won’t help you succeed. Nicotine is an addictive drug and the task of breaking your addiction warrants your respect and a conscientious approach.

The second predictor of your success involves the utilization of your strong sense of independence. Smokers are more rebellious than the general population but there is strength in that rebelliousness. In spite of the obvious health and economic costs, some people still defiantly smoke. At one time you may have been one of those people but now, you recognize that your rebelliousness is actually the source of your healthy independence. Nicotine has controlled you for a long time and you probably don’t like anyone or anything controlling you. You can now harness your independence as a powerful ally in your rebellion against nicotine and the devastating control that it has held over you.

The third predictor of your success is your acceptance of reliable support from at least one helper. This helper can be another person or it can take the form of your relationship with your self. In your relationship with self you willingly accept the responsibility to take care of your well-being. When you do this, taking care of yourself becomes your primary focus while ending your relationship with this exceptionally harmful drug becomes an expression of your commitment to take care of yourself. For more information and valuable guidelines on the enhancement of your self-worth, go to

If you choose to enlist the support of your partner, a reliable friend or a family member, make sure that this person is knowledgeable about smoking cessation. If you feel that your support person is unaware of the independence-rebellious dynamic, it will be helpful to explain that you