The Last Oracle

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The Last Oracle

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 361 pages7 hours


Newly-awakened Amara, an oracle on a mission to save a kidnapped child, is stopped in her tracks by Max Griffin, a charismatic inventor who doesn't believe in oracles, tarot cards or himself. But Max is no coward. Like the hero of Amara's dreams, he defends her against her evil master and sweeps her into his world of flying machines, yachts and parties. Max promises to help her if she promises to stay put until he checks out her story.

Within days, Max knows he's made a big mistake. He starts to fall for Amara. But he can't allow himself to succumb to her warmth and beauty. She is so perceptive, she could uncover the secret that has frozen him to his past.

As Max and Amara flee across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece and beyond, they find it impossible to resist the sparks that fly between them. Can they come into their own at last—and believe in the strength they both possess? Or will they be forced to sacrifice everything to save the boy...and the world?

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