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The Curse of Black America and Mr. Barack Obama
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President Clinton recently told Mr. Obama to tell America the truth--and that along with action is what we need, but can White America of all the Americas really accept the truth? Knowledgable and ignorant Americans feel the curse by the "Almighty of Heaven" and the time is near when that curse is almost over for Black America who can accept their true heritage. Can an
America of great intellect recognize the work of the Hebrew Elohim, his new curse, and the hate that is redirected towards an America who does not know who they are? Why is White America full of hate for people who can do them absolutely now harm? People still think that Israel was enslaved in Egypt for 400 years but it was only approximately 350.

In the Americas the group in our Holy Bibles called the "Remnant" have been in mental and physical slavery for 400 years. The curse is over, and God will still not hear their prayers for the world until we humble ourselves acknowledging a heritage to receive a special blessing.

In Genesis 15:13 our Holy Bibles talks refers to the Remnant who's 400 years was interpreted, clarified and explained in the Book of Daniel. Many people today still believe that passage refers to the time Israel was held captive in Egypt--but it was not related to that.

God is angry and now allowing fires, hurricanes, floods, and more is coming until the "Remnant rises beyond paganism so our prayers will be heard. Mankind will continue to suffer without massive acknowledgement of our shortcomings of praying to other gods.

A super hero comes to help us all and his job is to awaken a people to help save the world from the evil that lurks to destroy all of mankind and make the Earth its own paradise.

America must awaken mankind to the spirituality of truth so we all will have a chance to enter the next realm of man's existence. The people in this group have extraordinary gifts of communication--so that all of mankind will hear the truth and make their own spiritual decisions—and our choice to survive is a choice between good and evil.

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