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The Two Sides Of Humburg

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Follow in the entertaining footsteps of a wandering minstrel, the beloved Piper, as he roams the countryside and comes across a strange land with some very odd ideas. The big city is named East Humburg. It has skyscrapers, cars and streetlights. Just across the river lies West Humburg. This is a small town with quiet people, big farms and horse-drawn buggies. Even the bridge that separates the two places is crazy! Half of it is constructed of metal and cement, while the other half is put together with planks and nails!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder than that, here come the two mayors, Easton and Weston, who demand that the Piper choose which side of Humburg is the best one! What is the Piper to do, when the mayors keep putting the spotlight on him? Which side is he going to put above the other, and what do the townsfolk really think about all this craziness?

But wait, we’re not done yet. Right after this poetic and exciting tale are six of the Piper’s favorite songs! Read about The King’s New Dog, that might not be a dog at all, or head into space with The Frog That Jumped To The Moon. Have you heard about that pirate, the dread Captain Tate, and about him Setting Sail Around The World? What about The Traveling Birds, who continually search for a perfect, peaceful place, but never quite seem to find it? Read these exciting and funny tales, and a couple more, in the second half of this ebook, The Piper’s Tales.

This ebook is a lighthearted fantasy adventure, written in rhyme. Most its stories contain a short lesson in morality. A few of the Piper’s Tales are just for fun! Two of the stories contain theologicial references, but they are brief and in keeping with the overall spirit of things. And while it’s aimed at the little ones, ten and under, I do hope some of the adults out there enjoy it as well!

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