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Teach For Life: Essays on Modern Education for Teachers, Students, and Parents

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TEACH FOR LIFE, the new book by Irie Glajar, a math professor, provides many easy, fun, effective and practical ways for us as human beings and citizens of the world, to fulfill our dual duties as teachers and students. We all have the responsibility to learn and teach forever. Irie's book can help us enjoy and effectively handle our double duties and opportunities in those two most important capacities. His daring escape in 1981 at age 26 from, then, hard-core Communist Romania, and his life thereafter in the U.S.A. show that a motivated person can accomplish virtually anything.
At a convention in 2009, I happened to meet one of Irie's former students. She recalled that back in the 1980's, "Irie made math fun." In TEACH FOR LIFE, Irie shares with us effective and fun means of enjoying and fulfilling our endless opportunities to teach and learn.
From Cicero to Mozart, Goethe, Nietzsche, and Einstein, constructive ideas about education are abundant; the author brings them to date within a suggestive and crafty approach. Modern education should be more than learning facts and reproducing procedures, even as we refer to mathematics. It should carefully intertwine a practical existential philosophy with logical and applicable understanding of the purpose of knowledge. Suggestions to instructors in the classroom and to the parents and students related to the meaning of life, hence education, complete the delicate format of this book. Mr. Glajar’s contribution to modern education should help take teaching and learning to a higher level, as we all aspire to peace, love, and prosperity.

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